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Standard PEI-Student Contract

The PEI-Student Contract is a critical document that formalises the legal relationship between the Private Education Institution (PEI) and the student.

Prospective students choosing to enrol into a PEI should carefully and thoroughly read the contents within the contract, and agree to its terms and conditions before signing the contract.

To reinforce the importance of the contract, AEC College has a process of executing student contracts by ensuring all queries posed by prospective students are properly answered before they are enrolled into the College.

Prospective students are encouraged to peruse the sample Standard PEI-Student Contracts (available in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese) from the following CPE website:



Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)

All EduTrust-certified Private Education Institutions (PEI) are required to adopt a Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) to protect the fees paid by all students (unless exempted), both local and international, via an escrow bank account or insurance scheme.

AEC has in place the Escrow Account Service, and the Course Fee Insurance scheme, which serves to protect the student’s fees in the event that the PEI is unable to continue operations due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. In addition, the FPS protects the student if the PEI fails to pay penalties or return fees to the student arising from judgements made against it by the Singapore courts.

Students are encouraged to refer to the following CPE website to ascertain on the protection status of their fees:


In cases where the above events happen, the student will be able to claim their paid fees from the respective FPS providers listed below.

FPS via Course Fee Insurance

AEC College has appointed AXA Insurance Pte Ltd to provide protection for the fees paid by all students. The insurance serves to protect the student’s fees in the event that the PEI is unable to continue operations due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure.

Under the Course Fee Insurance scheme, AEC College is allowed to collect the course fees from students directly. AEC College shall purchase insurance on the same day upon receipt of the fees from the student. If the payment is done through e-banking, AEC College will purchase the insurance within 3 working days after the money is credited to the School’s bank account.

All amount paid by the student is insured and clearly stated on the Certificate of Insurance (COI). AXA Insurance Pte Ltd shall email to students the Original COI to the student email address provided to AEC College. AEC College will also provide students with a hardcopy of the COI.

Students can access the AXA Insurance Pte Ltd Course Fee Insurance Certificate via the following link:


FPS via Escrow Account Service

AEC College has appointed the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS Bank) as the service provider for the Escrow Account Service providing fee protection to students who opt for this option.

Under FPS via Escrow account service, students are required to deposit all fees into AEC Escrow bank account instead of making payment directly to AEC. Funds in the Escrow bank account will be disbursed at regular intervals to AEC in accordance to the payment schedule.

Medical Insurance

AEC College provides medical insurance coverage for all students (unless exempted) through Liberty Insurance (conditions apply), for the entire duration of their study with AEC College.

This medical insurance scheme will have a minimum coverage as follows:

  • An annual coverage limit of S$20,000 per student
  • Covers up to B2 ward in government and restructured hospitals
  • Provides for 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas AEC College related activities throughout the course duration.


Exemption is available for Singaporean/PR students if they are already covered by their own and equivalent medical insurance plan.

Link to Liberty Insurance English Certificate:


Link to Escrow Certificate


Link to Liberty Insurance Chinese Certificate:


Link to Liberty Insurance Product Summary and Benefits Schedule:


Link to Student Enrich GHS Claim Form:












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